As an SEO Content Writer and blogger, I work exclusively as a freelancer. Freelance writers often specialize in a writing style, strategy, or specific topics such as: travel, fashion, health & wellness, legal, tech, or business.

I’ve worked in digital marketing for over a decade as a utility man. I have a broad knowledge of content strategy, lead generation, email marketing and database management, social media marketing, public relations and even graphic design.

When working in-house, all of these skills are utilized to their fullest potential. However when I take these in-house gigs, the area I excel at — writing and content strategy — becomes reduced to a small portion of my job description. This is why I have become one of 12 million freelancers working on

Hire a Freelancer SEO Content Writer and Blogger

5 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer on

1. Build a Highly Specialized Marketing Team

It’s tempting to hire an unpaid marketing intern to write blog posts. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for (and it doesn’t get any cheaper than free). For a thoughtful content strategy designed to attract specific search traffic, it’s best to hire an expert.

Upwork makes it easy for you to search for and find experts in areas like blogging, SEO writing, and SEO keyword research with the specific skillset you need (WordPress? Adobe Photoshop? Google AdWords?). See their rates, read reviews, and conduct interviews to find the right fit. The best best part is that you can hire freelancers on Upwork for free. Learn more about the hiring process on

2. Build a job application and browse freelance portfolios.

More than a job post, Upwork clients can create job applications with demands for a cover letter, multiple Q&A sections, and requests for specific work samples. Additionally you can set search parameters so that the applicants you receive will meet the criteria and skills you’re looking for.

Once the applicants start rolling in, you can view reviews from other Upwork clients, references, work history, click through easy-to-navigate portfolios, and even conduct video interviews to find the freelancer who would be a good fit for the job

3. Set goals for your marketing team

Through Upwork you can set goals and payment milestones for projects or ongoing work. This enables you to easily track your project’s progress. Upwork’s basic framework for setting goals ensures that you get the quality of work you were expecting and that your deliverables are delivered on time.

4. Communicate easily with freelancers.

Between the website and the mobile app, there is no excuse not to communicate with the person you have hired or the team you have built. With Upwork, you can hire individuals with a number of specialties from across the globe. The platform makes it easy understand time differences to set accurate and reasonable deadlines. 

5. Stick to your marketing budget.

Pay for the services you need with the flexibility of Upwork’s hourly or fixed price contracts. For example, hire a freelance blogger to write three posts a week, one every other week, or one per month depending on what your budget dictates. Choose from different experience levels as well. Do you need a marketing veteran or a hungry newbie? Select freelancers that are entry level, intermediate, or experts in their field.

Upwork creates a safety net for both the client and the freelancer ensuring that everyone gets paid and everyone gets the deliverables they were promised at the quality they were expecting. The site also makes administrative tasks like collecting invoices and preparing taxes simple and painless.

Hiring a freelancer gives you flexibility with your marketing budget and provides you with an affordable alternative by paying for only the expertise that you need. Now you can recruit, hire, delegate, manage, and compensate in one platform.

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