An SEO Content Writer is not an “SEO Expert.”

Not the SEO expert you’re searching for, anyway. An SEO Content Writer is a writer. When most people say they need an “SEO Expert,” they’re looking for an SEO Developer or an SEO Analyst. 

SEO Career Descriptions

An SEO Content Writer writes content based on research around specific keywords, phrases, and trends in support of your sales and marketing goals.

SEO Content Writers develop optimized blog posts, articles, and case studies that foster engagement. Similar to a technical writer or a journalist with an industry niche, SEO content writing is both a writing style and a marketing specialty.

How is SEO content different from blogging?

In most cases SEO Content Writers have extensive of experience in digital marketing and sales. They don’t pitch topics they think your audience will enjoy. The topics and content are developed based on data. Gathering and analyzing this information involves research and legwork.

The post itself needs to be written for search. The key elements of each post that are optimized are:

  • Topics, based on keywords and search trends
  • Headers (H2, H3, etc.)
  • Keyword density
  • Sentence structure and formatting
  • Link building and deep linking
  • URL title tags and anchor text
  • Image titles, descriptions, and alt text
  • Slug
  • Meta Descriptions

Each piece is not only optimized for search, it is designed to drive readers to your CTA to support your sales goals. The writer has worked with you to develop a content strategy, publishing calendar, and to identify marketing opportunities, such as content for seasonal promotions.

Search optimized content is often written for a specific campaign. Long after the PPC campaign is over, the content will continually draw in traffic and leads to your website. Individuals also hire SEO content writers to ghostwrite authoritative guest posts on other blogs, given the linking requirements.

The gist: An SEO Content Writer works with you to develop a content strategy, learns the ins and outs of your industry, and creates optimized content to support your sales goals. If you’re interested in learning more, check out my profile on